Monday, October 7, 2013

Tim Petroskey has loved Charlevoix since 1992.

I fell in love with Charlevoix in 1992.

Growing up outside of Detroit and while in college I had heard of this magical land of lakes, an old fashioned draw bridge and memorable concerts at a place called the “Castle.” Aside from wondering how such a small town could draw such acts as Chicago, Journey and the Beach Boys, I otherwise did not give Charlevoix much thought.

In 1992 I first came to Charlevoix to interview for a job at the former Big Rock Point Nuclear Plant (imagine, a nuclear – or as it was called in the early days - an atomic plant in Charlevoix!).

As I came into town I was surprised by crowded streets and the sound of music coming from a park.  I glanced toward the sound of the music and for the first time witnessed the beauty of East Park and Round Lake.  I remembering thinking I could get used to this.

I accepted the job at Big Rock and was immediately welcomed into a close knit work force made up of local residents.  These were people who worked together and then after work, played together.

As the years have passed I have come to realize the many reasons I love Charlevoix:

I love the Venetian Festival, the best small town festival in the country.  I still remember watching the Michigan State marching band playing their fight song in front of Central Drugs and thinking, “This is right from a Normal Rockwell painting – it CANNOT get any better than this.”

I also love East Park and Round Lake in quieter times.  Can there possibly be a more beautiful downtown waterfront anywhere?

I love the abundant golf that is available and that my downstate golfing buddies come up to play every year because of the spectacular courses.  I will also admit to a bit of pride as they ask me how I drive to work each day and not get in an accident with all of the beauty surrounding us.

I love being able to hop on the Emerald Isle and visit Beaver Island every year.

I love and greatly appreciate that we are blessed to have the Charlevoix Area Hospital.  How many cities this size have a hospital?  I love that when all three of my children were born at CAH the nurses were our neighbors and treated us as if one of their own family members were having a baby.  

I love that I was lucky enough to meet and marry a local girl with extended family roots here.  I was this lucky simply because she had moved back to Charlevoix from Atlanta because she missed our town.

I love that my children are getting an outstanding education from an outstanding school system.  I love that I don’t have to worry my son and two daughters riding their bikes all around town.

I love that I am able to hear Lake Michigan at night even though I don’t live on the water.  I love that my children love skiing and have Mt. McSauba and other ski hills close by.

I love the fact that I love where I work and live.

Tim Petrosky  

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