Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sheriff Schneider shares why he loves Charlevoix:

I love Charlevoix for more than the natural beauty of our town with our views of Round Lake, Lake Charlevoix, and Lake Michigan.  I would remind everyone of the signs that welcomes not only us, but our visitor’s or just those who may be just passing thru “Welcome to Charlevoix the Beautiful”.  Those signs not only show our pride, they reflect our commitment to our community. 

That commitment is reflected by the businesses in our area who are spending significant resources to expand and improve their footprint in our town. Those major investments are providing valuable employment to many of our families and friends.  Several companies have moved into town bringing skilled labor along with adding additional employment opportunities as well.  This is a win win for both those companies and our great town.

 We are very fortunate to have our own hospital at our door step that provides excellent care for all of us.  Our library is the envy of many other towns.  We can choose from any number of restaurants to serve our palates from hotdogs and hamburgers’ to fine dining with cloth napkins. Our airport not only serves our “jewel of the north” Beaver Island, but is able to accommodate many small jet aircraft which is a great service to our visitors. Our marina is unsurpassed not only for its beauty, but for its ability to provide all the services need by those who use it.  Let us not forget our Beaver Island Boat Company that not only transports passengers, but is vital for the supplies that Beaver Island relies upon.

As the Sheriff, the most important thing to me is our quality of life.  Those assets I listed above are only a few of the things making this town great.  I am personally proud that we in Law Enforcement provide one of the safest areas in the country to live, work, and play.  No one has any fear of danger as they walk the streets of our town.  This along with our excellent Fire and EMS who respond to any emergency are the best of the best.

Don Schneider,


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