Monday, September 23, 2013

Kirby Dipert loves Charlevoix because...

This weeks entry is from Kirby Dipert, long time business owner and resident of Charlevoix.  Thank you for contributing to our blog, Kirby!

I love Charlevoix because there is nowhere else that I have ever been, like it.  Besides its obvious natural attributes, it’s a town of caring, engaged citizens.  Although we often find ourselves on different sides of the issue, because of our own beliefs, we all want what is best for Charlevoix. 

When Charlevoix is recognized for an achievement, we well up with pride.  When a neighboring community receives praise, we are happy for them, but know Charlevoix is better!  We’ve all been somewhere and have been asked, “Where do you live”? We proudly say Charlevoix, and wait for their envious response.

It never ceases to amaze me that our citizens can be so divided on an issue, yet on that Thursday in May, just before Memorial Day weekend, gets down on their knees, side by side, and plant Petunias from one end of town to the other.  

I guess what I am trying to say is, Town Pride!  Yes.  Town pride.  That’s what I love about Charlevoix.

Kirby Dipert

Friday, September 13, 2013

Summer is great, but people is what makes Charlevoix awesome.

Many thanks to Jim Jeffreys, General Manager of Fox Charlevoix and Fox Ford Charlevoix, for contributing to this weeks blog.  


I am compelled to write a few words about my experience in Charlevoix the Beautiful. The phrase Charlevoix the Beautiful hardly does justice to the absolute beauty of the city itself and the surrounding area. Yet the true meaning of the phrase goes well beyond the landscape and into the people of the community. Living and working here is a joy, and one that continues throughout the year. The summers are a blast with the Venetian Festival and other activities that bring so many diverse people to our town. The off seasons give one a chance to sit back and really soak in the surroundings. Michigan Beach, Round Lake, golf, many trails, fishing and dining options leave little concern as to how to fill the recreational hours. 

The people are an unsung resource in many ways. More than 30 years in the auto industry have given me the pleasure of working with some really great teams. The folks I work with day in and day out, most from Charlevoix and the surrounding area are the most dedicated, people orientated, honest and loyal people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I find this attitude is also present in the various organizations and industries I come in contact with. The Chamber of Commerce is the best I have ever worked with. The library is one that would be the envy of towns 10 times the size. The hospital in our back yard is a source of comfort in times of need as an individual, an employer, and a father. The school system has a dedication to excellence and tremendous team spirit (Go Rayders!). The community pool is amazing and goes to great lengths to get the young and those more seasoned into a more active lifestyle. The Circle of the Arts and Garden Club are always seeking ways to make Charlevoix the Beautiful even more so. Any resident including myself could add to the list, yet space will limit me for now.

Charlevoix is a great place to do business. The dealerships are enjoying a great year, many thanks to those who support us in sales, service, parts and body work. As we at Fox looked at investing in new facilities there were questions about the type of investment we were to undertake in the community. A quick look around and for many of the reasons outlined above the question was simple to answer. Look for us to complete our remodel and expansion of the GM/Chrysler dealership in the next few months. In the coming years look for more investment in the community, not only in our own business but in the many charities and organizations we hold dear to our hearts.

Jim Jeffreys
General Manager
Fox Charlevoix and Fox Ford Charlevoix

Friday, September 6, 2013

Eat, Play, Swim

My name is Todd Wyett, and I love Charlevoix because:

  1. Our sunsets are indelible.
  2. Our deep-water harbor is pristine.
  3. When you walk into a restaurant, you actually know half the people eating there.
  4. We have public access beaches and marinas everywhere.
  5. When you cast your line into the waters of our channel, it’s not if you will catch a fish, but what kind of fish will you catch.
  6. We actually think that there is traffic in the summer in our two-stop light town.
  7. Our downtown park has received numerous awards: 
America's Second Best Lake USA TODAY - 2012
Lake Charlevoix
Second only to Tahoe, North America's largest and most populous apline lake, Lake Charlevoix received plenty of praise in a USA TODAY survey generating more than 5,000 votes.
Travel writer Laura Bly says...
"Tahoe came out on top in our recent reader poll of America's best lake... but as its many fans made clear, the second-place finisher has plenty to offer, as well.  Though I grew up in southern Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Mendota (a sentimental favorite, but not on our shortlist), I wasn't familiar with runner up Lake Charlevoix, Michigan... now, I'm 'smitten with the mitten' (a reference to Michigan's hand-shaped geography)."
Read more of the USA TODAY story on Lake Charlevoix's selection by clicking HERE.

50 Best Yachting Towns in the World Yachting Magazine - 2011
To be named by Yachting Magazine readers as one of the best yachting towns in the state of Michigan is a privilege. One of the best yachting towns in the nation? A true honor. But to be recognized as the second best yachting town in the world? Wow!
To view a slideshow of communities recognized as the "50 Best Yachting Towns in the World", click HERE.
To view the Yachting Magazine story on this tremendous honor, click HERE.

One of America's Prettiest Towns Forbes magazine - 2011
"Working with travel experts from Frommer’s, Rough Guides and Midwestern Living magazine, we pulled together a list of some of America’s prettiest, most enchanting towns. We looked for places that offer not only aesthetic bounty, but memorable activities and destinations nearby."
"'Charlevoix has just the most picturesque, beautiful downtown you can imagine,' says Kendra Williams, travel editor of Midwest Living. There's a popular inland lake, which in summer is chock full of vacationers--those who aren't at the summer Venetian festival and accompanying art fair. Located on an isthmus between Lake Michigan and Round Lake, Charlevoix's beauty is highlighted by the flower beds that pop up everywhere, and by the lighthouses that dot the lakeside landscape."
Check out Forbes' listing of Charlevoix as one of America's prettiest towns by clicking HERE.