Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jean J. Musilek Shares Why Life is Good in Charlevoix

I was just 12 years old the first time I visited Charlevoix. My family was vacationing on Walloon Lake and a cool July day kept us from lake activities and brought us downtown Charlevoix for the afternoon. We ate lunch at the Parkside, browsed the stores, bought sweatshirts from Charlevoix Wear, and ate ice cream at Murdick's. While it was 28 years ago, the memories are vivid and I have loved Charlevoix ever since.
Three years later, my parents, who also fell in love "at first sight," bought a summer place on Lake Charlevoix at Hemingway Pointe. From that point on, through high school and college, every vacation, Christmas, and summer were spent Up North. My dad was even willing to drive me here many weekends, all winter long. The reasons for my immediate and permanent attraction are many:
I love Charlevoix because you are never a stranger, whether in a grocery store, movie-theater, or restaurant.
I love Charlevoix because of lifelong relationships - every week, I currently swim at the Charlevoix Pool with the same woman who gave me my first job, 25 years ago.
I love Charlevoix because of the friendships I have found here.
I love Charlevoix because of the astonishing natural beauty that surrounds us and changes with each season.
I have yet to see a more inspiring sunrise than in October over Round Lake.
I have yet to experience a more stunning sunset than one beyond our lighthouse, at the end of the Pine River Channel, dipping into Lake Michigan.
I love our churches. I love our teachers. I love the library. I love our non-profit community. I love our book purveyors, florists, entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in us, the Rayders, and Dairy Grille. And I love the beaches..I really love the beaches.
I love that my family is here. I love the memories we have made, and are making.
I live and work where I love. Life is good in Charlevoix the Beautiful.

Jean J.  Musilek
Charlevoix Area Community Pool

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