Friday, August 16, 2013

Changing the conversation

Let's talk about Charlevoix.  Specifically, about what we love.  Why we live, work, play and invite others to join us here. We know the wonderful Charlevoix. On the flip side, we know that there are challenges, differences of opinions, and opportunities to make our community better. 

It's all in communication.  We have had quite a bit of negativity, and the Charlevoix Chamber of Commerce would like to lead the change of the very public conversation towards the positive.  A simple change, with a potentially large impact.  Kind of like the car that lets you merge downtown, or the young lady that holds the door for you, or the stranger that smiles just because he is happy; simple actions can change the course of your day, week or year.

We've invited 52 people to join us in a year of celebrating Charlevoix.  Each week, we'll publish their contributions to the blog, all beginning with "I love Charlevoix because...".  Some are residents, some visitors, some business owners, all with the common love of our city.

I hope this blog will remind you of why you appreciate Charlevoix.  Each activity, person, location and business act as threads that make the cloth of our community.  Together we can rejoice in the good, the kind and the encouraging components of our town, and change our conversation to one of relentless positive action. 


Erin Bemis, President & CEO,
Charlevoix Area Chamber of Commerce.

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